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Rosen Mihaylov

Position:Eastern and curative massages Therapist, Acoustic therapy
He believes that everything is possible only if you want to achieve it strong enough and do your best, he is an example of how a man is as big as his dreams are. Rosen has gone through various professional stages in Bulgaria, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands and Latin America, inspired by the human body and the healthy lifestyle, today we meet him as a professional therapist working with some of the most effective Eastern techniques - reflexology, Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Acoustic Treatment with Tibetan and Crystal Bowls. Rosen is In love with the Bulgarian and Eastern traditions, laughter and joy, as well as with the energy treatment methods, that he integrates in his therapeutic sessions. He has gathered the knowledge by different teachers for years, both in the National Sport Academy and around the world. Among these teachers stands out the name of the founder of Ayurveda yoga massage Kosum Modak from India - a student of Ayengar himself. Rosen The passion and love to the mountains have a significant imprint of printed on Rossen's personality and work. Rosen has dedicated ten years of his life to the production of natural and clean products in the famous Bio Farm Elata. The mission that is the main driver of Rosen's life is not only to help people's health but to give them the knowledge and inspiration to save their energy by avoiding the extremeness. Rosen says for himself: "Massages are my hobby and love. They are a way to express myself, to help and heal the person in his integrity. I can feel that everyone has to share his love and do good things to the others. This is the only way to fulfill our mission in life. It is a pleasure for me to welcome my patients, help them and see their new face, body and aura after each massage session." You can feel Rosen’s beliefs through his magnetic hands. The ease after his healing sessions, the freedom that is felt both in the body and in the spirit is a very potent factor that makes you thank God for the experience. The lightness after his healing sessions, the freedom that can be felt both in the body and in the mind is a highly influential factor that makes you thank God for the experience. Whether you are feeling down or suffering back pain, meeting Rosen Mihaylov can motivate you and inspire you for a new life.
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