Cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage


Chakra therapists have developed the most effective method for weight loss. Proven, as well as very popular lately and painless procedure with ...

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Massage for pregnant women


It is understandable the diligence and concern of every future mother for her efforts to the most important moments in life and such as: pregnancy, ...

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Lifting drainage facial massage


The lymphatic system is a crucial part of your immune system. Through a network of hundreds of lymph nodes, it drains fluid called lymph, ...

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Relax from head to toe


We offer you an extremely relaxing and effective procedure literally from head to toe. The classic or so-called "Swedish massage, the most ...

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Anti-cellulite program with Babor bandages


"As a beautician and a woman who values aesthetics, I have long been looking for an effective method to combat cellulite. Yes,...

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Lymphatic drainage


"The lymphatic system is like the world, infinite." (Hippocrates) Due to various factors of our daily lives, such as living conditions, water, ...

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Yumeiho or "Divine Massage"


"The doctor heals, but nature heals." (Hippocrates) Yumeiho is a Japanese prophylactic - healing art that restores, harmonizes and increases vital ...

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Relaxing massage


This massage uses a classic technique with slow and light basic techniques. Stimulates blood and lymph circulation ....

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Classical massage


The classic massage has a beneficial effect by removing the accumulated fatigue on the whole body from the sedentary lifestyle, as well as the chronic ...

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Sound therapy with Tibetan and crystal bowls


Sound therapy with Tibetan and crystal bowls We know that since ancient times man has been treated with natural methods and that natural ...

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Did you know that ….

With us you can buy a service - "card" for "program" or "package" of several procedures, in which you get an additional discount on the price. This discount does not apply to instant promotions but is calculated on the price for one procedure. The terms of the cards are not extended, this happens only for reasons independent of the normal functioning of the holistic center Chakra.

Anti-cellulite procedures

-When purchasing a card of 10 procedures, you receive an 18% discount, valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

-When purchasing a card of 12 procedures, you receive a 21% discount, valid for 35 days from the date of purchase.

-When purchasing a card of 15 procedures, you receive a 25% discount, valid for 48 days from the date of purchase.

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Yumeiho doesn't hurt. The techniques in Japanese manual therapy Yumeiho heal.


Our Eastern therapist Rosen Mihailov talks about the unique manual therapy Yumeiho, debunking some myths and incorrect statements in this extremely ...

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Anti-stress and calm - recipes for a century


The main issue that interests each person is his health. In his life, everyone has encountered problems or ...

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Anti-cellulite massages and slimming procedures


You can get fast and effective solutions for fighting cellulite, weight loss and recovery with us in Chakra. Efficient methods, ...

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Ayurveda Yoga Massage

Or as the king of massages is often called!

Yumeiho massage

the magic therapy that cures any pain!

Anti-Cellulite Modeling Massage

Take care of your self-confidence and beauty!


Be beautiful, irresistible

and confident!



massage in Chakra


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