Detox massage with honey and ghee

Detox with honey and ghee

Recently, there is more and more talk about a healthy lifestyle and the topic of cleansing (detox) is becoming increasingly relevant. Toxins are everywhere and are absorbed daily by our bodies through food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, cigarette smoke, polluted air, water, even stress. When toxins accumulate, toxic overload occurs in our bodies. Signs of this include bloating, gas and constipation, nausea, constant tiredness, hormonal imbalance, inflammation, joint and tendon pain, muscle fatigue, headaches, accumulated belly fat, skin problems, brittle nails, exhausted hair, irritability and frequent changes in the mood.

As a result of such serious signs, immunity weakens and one does not feel well and balanced. It becomes easily vulnerable to viruses and diseases. That is why we need to take care of our condition on a daily basis and cleanse ourselves of toxins.

Various healers, nutritionists and specialists in the field, in their quest to help, omit or deliberately do not provide information properly, but rather try to give health on a "spoon" and not as it is right with "handfuls". We must not forget that the most important thing for us to be healthy is movement, oxygen and proper metabolism in the body and cells. We are healthy only when we are clean from within. The truth is that whatever we try to do to cleanse ourselves without stimulating cell metabolism, to properly move the blood circulation and lymphatic system in our body through proper massage, all other areas such as diet, starvation, diets, sports and exercise, natural or organic food, cleansing teas or tablets, periods of fasting, ancient methods, etc., are secondary, as methods to purify ourselves. In most cases, the stereotype of thinking is imposed that individually, applying such purification methods are sufficient, but unfortunately they are not. Certainly the best way to be healthy and clean on the inside is just one - when we approach ourselves holistically and correctly.

Stimulated by our professional experience, Eastern knowledge and special attention to her needs health to our clients, we therapists and beauticians in CHAKRA, created an exclusive cleansing solution, our new detox massage with honey and ghee. We believe and are convinced of the healthy as well as cleansing effect. This massage is the fastest and proven, as well as a strong and direct effect, at the same time with a very pleasant effect, a method for releasing toxins from the body and moving the lymphatic system. The main goal, as well as the result of this ritual, is cleansing, as a result of which the immunity is stabilized and all systems of the body function properly.

The secret of the success of the massage lies in its special combination of lymphatic drainage of the body and the healthy effects of honey and ghee on the skin.

Detox with honey and ghee helps many people who care about their health and need effective cleansing due to the environment and lifestyle and especially in urban conditions.
This unique massage can be applied both for daily care and as part of a holistic program, which is a combination of this type of massage and diet, herbs, exercises, supplements, etc. A complete and individually prepared for complete detoxification program, individually tailored to the human condition, prepared by therapists in Chakra. There is no suitable season or time of the year for him, because we are exposed to constant attacks, from everything around us and this destroys our health.

The steps of the procedure:

1. When visiting the Chakra Center, therapists will offer you a special herbal Ayurvedic tea to calm down from the daily rush and predispose your body to cleansing. This tea has no contraindications and will help the body "from the inside" for easier release of toxins.
2. The procedure begins with placing honey on the body, palms, feet and back, where the 'toxins' are mostly retained. The honey used is 100% natural. After washing it carefully, the skin remains soft and ready for the next step.

2. Apply ghee, in combination with essential oils according to the needs and type of skin. With the help of special massage techniques we heat the muscles and tissues so that they can prepare for the release of toxins. The skin gets the necessary hydration and this makes it visibly and noticeably smoother and softer.

3. We carefully act on the centers of the lymphatic system so as to allow for its easier stimulation (faster movement). The lymph acts at the finest level and reaches every cell. Cells begin to release toxins that are "retained" in fat. In this way, in addition to the cleansing effect, we also achieve a slimming effect.

4. Squeeze the lymphatic system (drain). The movements are smooth and very pleasant to the touch. They are in the direction from the end of the limbs to the lymphatic centers. In this way we have a very calming effect on the entire nervous system.
In the end, you will feel reborn, blissful, and purified.

What are toxins?

Toxins are chemicals that have penetrated from the external environment or formed in the body, which above certain concentrations lead to direct or indirect damage (poisoning). Toxins are of different origins and affect the health and functions of the body in different ways. This is how they affect organs, systems and their functions.

-Dermatotoxins - damage the skin, mucous membranes, nails and hair - worsen turgor and skin repair. They cause dryness or oiliness, itching or redness, with or without rashes, permanent pigmentation, hair loss, changes in the nails and around the body holes. They cause increased sensitivity of the skin to the sun, benign and malignant formations, etc.

-Cardiovascular toxins - affect the heart and / or blood vessels - damage the heart area and organs, which depend on good blood supply.

-Chemotoxins - directly damage blood cells - weakening of immunity, more frequent infections, allergies, autoimmune and tumor processes

-Hepatotoxins - damage mainly the liver - digestive and excretory organs, immunity, hematopoiesis (hematopoiesis) and many more. etc.

-Nephrotoxins - damage the kidneys - damage to organs and systems, such as cardiovascular, hematopoietic, digestive, musculoskeletal system and others.

-Respiratory toxins - disrupt lung function - damage the respiratory tract

-Cardiovascular toxins - affect the heart and / or blood vessels - damage the heart area and organs, which depend on good blood supply.

Ghee and its cleansing effect

Ghee, or what is called "gold of the Orient" in the East, is naturally, refined oil, prepared according to a thousand-year-old Ayurvedic recipe and methodology by us. It is a homemade product made from butter, free of protein and water, converted into 100% pure fat.

The healing properties of Ghee make it the most universal of all healing oils in various authentic medical systems and especially in Ayurveda.

For massage - detox with honey and ghee, we focus on one of the most effective applications of GHI, namely for therapeutic massages, as well as for numerous cleansing proceduresbecause it penetrates deep into the body and reaches various tissues. Ghee is a great way to lubricate the body, both externally and internally, to heal and rejuvenate. Passing through the skin and entering the depths, it causes a cleansing effect, helps to relax tissues and organs and helps to remove toxins from them.
It has been widely and proven for centuries in cosmetics, for skin rejuvenation, such as massage oils, creams, balms, masks, etc.

Ghee is used both for rejuvenationand for prevention, treatment, cooking, beliefs, rituals, etc. It can be taken internally - alone, with milk, spices and other foods. Ghee is used to treat numerous, yet diverse, diseases. This unique oil affects the overall improvement of the physical and spiritual level Ayurveda perceived in unity. Due to its specificity, only good ghee, along with pure honey, are the only two products in the world that have no expiration date and cannot spoil.

Honey - a healthy elixir.

Exceptional natural product and a complete elixir of nature, it is an example of an antioxidant. Honey has been known for centuries as the healthiest product with its strong healing properties and has been used in every way by man. Participates as a basis in many cosmetics, medicines, home recipes, methods of cleansing and treatment. Incredibly beneficial to health thanks to its exceptional ingredients that support the immune system and metabolic processes in the body.
Honey is full of essential substances such as calcium, vitamin B, zinc, potassium and iron, which are essential for the condition of the skin. In addition, honey is very rich in antioxidants that slow down the aging process of the skin. It also helps clear toxins from the skin. The effect of honey, with its cleansing effect in the detox massage with honey and ghee, is not accidental.

Here are some more health effects on the skin:
- Honey cleanses the skin and can be used daily for this purpose.
- Can be used as a great exfoliant in combination with avocado or lemon.
- Relieves acne and fights aging because it is a pure antioxidant. For this reason, it suppresses and treats inflammatory processes in the skin.
- Moisturizes and soothes the skin in depth.

A holistic, comprehensive program for complete detoxification.

Our therapists can prepare an individual, complete holistic program for complete detoxification, each of which is different and for a different time, according to the general health and cleansing needs. It includes a complex of several massages, as well as supplements, teas or Ayurvedic elixirs. Also, our therapists will take into account your lifestyle and will give you valuable advice on your lifestyle, after analyzing you with the help of a special survey. To do this, you need to make an appointment and come to your first massage - Detox with honey and ghee.

Important advice from Chakra therapists.

To protect your body from toxins, here are some important tips for everyday life:
-Start your day in the morning with a glass of lukewarm water and the juice of a lemon squeezed in it.
- Drink enough water, making sure it is clean. This helps a lot to remove toxins from the body. Drink water between meals.
- Observe the necessary hygiene and clean your skin regularly.
- Toxins severely impair liver function. To protect it, drink dandelion tea or add parsley and coriander to your diet.
- Along with the best method against toxins - Detox with honey and ghee, practice yoga or sports. They improve body circulation and help fight toxins. Move more.
- Try to choose your food correctly. Eat quality and natural food, not quantity.
- Add probiotics to your diet. Yogurt is a great example. Take a little, but regularly.
- Use only natural cosmetics that do not contain fragrances and other toxins.
- Use a dryer to dry your laundry. Remember that laundry exposed to urban spaces is an absolute "magnet" for air toxins that subsequently pass into your skin.
- Change the filters of the air conditioners at home often, as well as the filter of your car for the cabin.


Therapist: Rosen Mikhailov 

 Цена 60 мин. – 75 лв.

Специална промоционална цена – 55 лв. 

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