Йогалатес е съвременна смела комбинация от НАЙ- ДОБРОТО от йога и от пилатес, с която възстановяваме баланса в тялото (както физическото, така и емоционалното и менталното тяло). Въздействаме позитивно на мускули, стави и сухожилия, успокояваме нервната система (силно антистрес- действие), ефект върху всички органи и системи по един мек и плавен начин, така че да възвърнем хармонията и да придобием цялостно здраве. ЙОГАЛАТЕС работи за по- добър имунитет, по- елегантна фигура, ускорява метаболизма и акцентира върху всички части на тялото, както и върху всички ендокринни жлези. Тази прекрасна практика е едно от най- приятните решения за освобождаване на стреса, болестите, излишното тегло и лошото настроение. След часа ще се чувствате освежени и спокойни, ще придобиете усещането за благополучие и хармония в живота си. Часовете включват още: работа с мудри, звуци, етерични масла, дихателни техники, позитивни утвърждения и други подходи за холистична терапия. Специалните класове ЙОГАЛАТЕС ПО ЧАКРИТЕ са тематична компилация от специално разработени класове „Енергийни практики по чакрите“ с упражнения от йога, карате, пилатес и медитативни сесии.

The love of life and its colors, people, serving, kindness in the heart, and YOGA itself are the triggers that inspire Desi to give as much as possible in order to be useful to others. Being heir of doctors, wise men and teachers, her talents transform into a life path. She is convinced that the main purpose of life is to give what we are born to give, and learn to receive in order to achieve the main goal - HARMONY. Yoga practices and seminars are full of joy, smile, emotion, high level of encyclopedic content, and practical solutions that you can instantly implement in your everyday life to achieve OVERALL CHANGE. Dessi and her shining light has convinced hundreds of people that it is important for everyone to feel their own teacher and inspirer to motivate him or her and bring them back to the center of his or her power and strength. Dessislava combines in her work various approaches in terms of treatment of man - holistic therapies with aromatic oils, herbalism, quantum physics, sound, yoga, art, crystal therapy, prayer, meditation, affirmations, respiratory techniques, mudras (from Sanskrit meaning gestures), ancient healing methods. The treatment covers all aspects of the person - both the physical body and the subtle bodies. THE DETERMINED FAITH AND POSIТIVISM that Dessi brings with herself can help and change even by the most skeptical people who have lost their health or became indecisive in various aspects of life. The biggest inspiration for Dessislava are the results of her followers, as well as God Himself, in which she does not give up believing in even in the most challenging moments of her life. Dessi has two children, while being creator, teacher, inspirer, energy therapist, and a kind of guidepost, Dessi is one of those people who gently and softly manages to leave a bright memory for a long time. For many of her followers, she is an angel on earth, a fairy or a magician, as well as a source of knowledge because she shares her abilities and useful advice with special warmth and charisma. Dessislava Atanasova believes that we are born to be happy and that there are different ways to achieve this. "Our existence depends on our thoughts, they are vibrations, and we must everyday be AWARE to work not only over our body but also over our soul and spirit. Because each person has an own mission and with each life we build ourselves as part of the Universal Field. It is our responsibility to maintain in the BALANCE - STRONG, CLEAR, COMPREHENSIVE AND GOOD. Being critical is for underdeveloped people; the best example for the other is YOU! “.