Cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage

Chakra therapists have developed the most effective weight loss method. Proven, as well as very popular lately and painless procedure with a quick effect to remove cellulite and remove mostly unnecessary pounds.
Man's lifestyle has changed dramatically in recent times with the advancement of technology and urbanization of the city, and therefore human movements are declining. For a number of reasons, such as stress, toxins, unhealthy lifestyle and food, advancing age, etc., accumulate fat in areas of the body such as the hips, thighs, upper back and arms, around the knees and especially on the gluteal muscles. These areas are difficult to treat and many people's worries are daily and their self-esteem is low. Aviation is the fastest and most proven and effective method for quick and healthy solutions. Unlike liposuctionwhich is painful and has side effects, the alternative method - cavitation, is painless and has no side effects or damage the body, organs or tissues when done properly. This method achieves very fast weight loss effects and the body feels sculpted.
-How does it work and what is it? - It is a combined method between a cavitation device with a special tip and manual massage techniques. There are many positive effects of cavitation for the whole body, but we will explain the effect on fat breakdown. Cavitation is a low-frequency 40 KHZ ultrasound that breaks down or breaks down fat cells and increases their permeability. In this way they are removed in the form of a liquid substance more easily by means of lymphatic system and subsequently with the circulatory system to be expelled from the body. In short, cavitation transforms fats, vacuum moves them more easily, and lymphatic drainage removes and expels them from the body through the body's excretory system by enhancing metabolism. Therefore, our therapists created "Cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage" and thus combined and put together several methods so that the results can be lasting, fast and properly performed and, above all, painless and healthy.

-How fast is the method? - Only after the first procedure you can see and feel the effect, and after a few results they become wonderful.

-How many procedures are needed for a program? - It all depends on your condition, needs, age and lifestyle. It is best judged by our on-site therapists, who will do an individual survey and judge you correctly. Most often, the programs include 10 to 15 procedures.

-How often is it done? - A maximum of two procedures per week is recommended because the therapy is deep and strong and should not be overdone. It can be combined with our other anti-cellulite massages for even greater effect.

-Can it be used as a supportive therapy for body sculpting or is it necessary to make a program? - This method is very nice and fast for a program to eliminate unnecessary weight and cellulite, as well as maintaining the results achieved, for example, once every 10 or 15 days.

-Does it hurt? -Absolutely not. From cavitation there is a specific sound that is bearable and felt in the ears. The vacuum is done carefully and you will relax from the lymphatic drainage.

Effects of Cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage are:

  • Fast and effective weight loss and removal of difficult and unnecessary pounds.
  • Removal of cellulite formations.
  • Tightening and renewing the skin and creating new collagen fibers, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Recommendations from the Chakra Therapist:

It is good to know that we as therapists will do our job Professionally, but you also have to push yourself and follow a certain regime and diet if you really want the results to be fast, visible and to be satisfied.

3 days before cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage:
- Do not eat fatty, spicy and fried foods and reduce carbohydrates
- do not drink alcohol,
- drink more fluids (1.5 liters per day)
2-3 hours before cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage: drink about 1 liter of clean water. Therapists advise to follow this regimen throughout the course of cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage procedures, as well as some time after its completion. This will help the body remove fat better and lose weight more effectively.
Post-treatment regimen at home:
- Within 2-3 days after the procedure, you should drink at least 1 liter of water a day extra to speed up the process of excretion of products;
- Do not drink alcohol until 3 days after the procedure;
- 3 days after the procedure do not eat fatty, fried and spicy foods, and reduce carbohydrates
Get more exercise or exercise. Try not to eat unhealthy foods. Take care of your health.
Visit us and know that we always approach with understanding and individually, taking into account our therapies with the individual condition of each of our clients.

For more questions feel free to call us, we will explain and answer.

General: Cancer, pregnancy, lactation, diabetes, renal failure, thrombophlebitis, chronic dermatoses, acute infectious diseases, the presence of metallic materials in the treated area (prostheses and pins in the bones and joints), osteoporosis, severe diseases of the immune system. Reproductive problems, stones in the kidneys, gallbladder and liver ducts (when treating the affected areas with cavitation), facial paralysis, trigeminal and perimotor nerve neuralgia, condition after surgery in the area around the eyes and after deep peeling, dermabrasion (3 months), sinusitis in the acute stage, gold and platinum threads.

Времетраене на процедурата 70 мин.

Цена 70 лв.

Специална промоционална цена – 50 лв.  

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