Ayurveda Yoga Massage


Ayurveda Yoga Massage is not just a massage. It is a healing ritual and Ayurveda art. It is an unique combination of Ayengar stretching (yoga style), combined with powerful detox for the whole body, balancing all chakras, impacting on all bodies (physical and subtle bodies).

The Ayurveda Yoga Massage will improve your immune system and help you release the stress, remove your emotional blockages, make you much more concentrated and relaxed about how you perceive the world. This massage is a wonderful refresher for your blood vessels; it drains the stagnant lymph fluid and helps to shape a fine sculpted silhouette. You should not underestimate the rejuvenating and prettifying effect of the Ayurveda yoga massage - after the first few procedures you will feel the change in the flexibility of your joints, the hydration of your skin, the positive attitude of previously stressful situations in your daily life. The Ayurveda yoga massage is suitable for different doshas, it is an efficient miraculous remedy for all types of conditions, and the results can be seen in the change of the body, mind and spirit. The main goal of the massage is to balance the energy in the body by releasing all the blockages along the energy channels and thus allocating the problem. This way the energy flow is being synchronized to achieve a good BALANCE in all body systems. What is specific about the Ayurveda Yoga massage is that it is not just a ritual combined with oils.

Here are some of the advantages of this massage:

  • increasing the capacity of the chest and improving breathing, which is especially valuable in any chronic respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, etc.). We must not forget that the chest contains the most basic vital organs (heart and lungs) that carry prana (life force) in the human body;
  • improving the overall condition of the spine, including all types of spinal deformities, tingling and deformities. We know that a person's health and youth are locked in his pillar of support - the spine. Therefore, treating your spine, you take care of the quality and quantity of years of life, the joy of it and the pleasure of unhindered movement from blockages! We all know that life is in motion, so if you take timely measures to have a mobile spine, mobile joints, muscles and tendons, then you have done the best you are capable of for yourself;
  • Recovers the health of the sensorium - because this type of massage places an accent, it is a balm for stressed people, in critical situations, panic attacks, fearful neuroses, anxiety and depression, insomnia and any other neurological disorders;
  • The immediate feeling of freshness, recharging with new energy, removing body pain, the feel of renewal is due to saturation of the flesh with oxygen, leading to a strong DETOX, especially suitable during the spring when the liver naturally actively releases from the slag. Therefore, perhaps the best time you can give to yourself in the process that re-creates your organism, is right now.

Additional information: The main principle that distinguishes it from other types of massage is that there is no therapist or patient, but rather receiving and giving energy. Therefore, the extremely careful giver, ie. the therapist works on the body of the recipient of energy. Specific movements are not just mechanical contact, but they are filled with energy sense, properly performed techniques and a desire to give through the heart. Sesame oil is used, which is the best predisposing skin for cleansing toxins in depth, it actually penetrates the deepest of all oils and detoxifies powerfully because of its pronounced antioxidant properties. To achieve optimal detox, we traditionally also use a specially selected complex of Ayurvedic Indian herbs, which are in powder form and rubbed with a very gentle peeling into the skin during the massage on certain areas of the body (especially places with accumulation of toxins). ).

During the Ayurveda Yoga Massage the “receiving” also participates in it, so we can also say that this massage is like a passive yoga. That's why it's a great chance for anyone who has never tried yoga practice before but also a great additional value for those who have some yoga experience and want to reach deeper (or higher) levels. BREATHING, just as during yoga practice, is very important in this ritual. You will receive specific instructions from the therapist when and how to breathe in order to achieve optimal massage benefits. The end result is a relaxing and very deep energy massage, stretching, dealing with the emotional trauma, weight reduction, and all of the above.

About our therapist - Rosen Mihaylov: He has a first-level Ayurveda Yoga massage with Dr. Taruna Sanjivani and a second level by the creator of Kosum Modak Massage in India. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of the main source, for which he is very grateful and happy, Rosen applies the techniques of ancient India with great love, positive energy and wonderful manners. From our common experience and knowledge of various types of massages, we can share that our observations on this massage methodology are that it is quite labor - and energy-intensive for the giving person but highly appreciated by the receiving one. We are grateful to all of our friends and patients who share with us their feedback about the CHANGE that Ayurveda yoga massage brings to different aspects of their lives.


Therapist: Rosen Mikhailov 

Цена 60 мин. – 75 лв.

Специална промоционална цена - BGN 65 

Цена – 80 мин. – 100 лв.

Специална промоционална цена – 75 лв. 






There are 6 comments on this post

  1. Ines
    12 hours ago

    The feeling after the massage is: as if you were on vacation for a week, I feel lighter, more stretched, full of energy and mostly pain in the muscles and joints NO! I recommend it to anyone who feels exhausted and needs a full recovery! Thanks ♥ ️

  2. Women
    21 hours ago

    As a yoga, yogalates and pilates instructor, I have tried many different practices, after which I felt great, but the AYURVEDIC YOGA MASSAGE left me speechless! As I managed to relax and trust Rosen completely, I had an intense energy exchange, after which I felt like I was flying, and my smile shone for a long time after the end of this experience. During the massage we immerse ourselves in the present moment, let go of thoughts about everything else and deepen the connection with our soul! Come on, try it and you will see for yourself the power of this healing ritual!
    Thanks, Roska! ❤

    1. admin Автор
      14 hours ago

      Thanks, Women for the feedback. People who practice yoga or sports can feel this type of massage therapy very deeply, it is a perfect addition to the practice because it gives optimal capacity of the body (and psyche) to process all asanas, learn prana and get the maximum benefit from her.

  3. Biljana
    9 hours ago

    I practice yoga regularly, which helps my body to be flexible and relax. However, there are days when even yoga is not enough, and then it is worth giving yourself a quality massage! I've been to a massage before, but I've never felt so relaxed and balanced before. When you meet professionalism with space, music and aromas, bliss is endless! Thank you very much for the amazing Ayurvedic massage, with which I was able to relax and feel my body like never before! Thanks !

  4. Hope
    18 hours ago

    I want to share the improvement after a few massages because I had neck problems, I was stiff and I couldn't shake my head. At the moment I have freedom of movement and I have decided to do supportive massages. After the massage I feel full of energy.

  5. Diana
    7 hours ago

    I go to yoga almost every day for a year! I thought, I will be stretched, plastic! But it turned out not to be so! This massage and this technique is something that had never happened to me! An amazing experience! Giving energy and receiving! After the massage I had the feeling that I was light as a feather and that I could fly!
    I recommend it to everyone!


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