You wonder how to look beautiful?! Here are our anti-cellulite solutions!

Cellulite, "orange peel", "mutant cells" or the eternal struggle of the ladies "Female determination pierces a stone" / Japanese wisdom /. Every self-respecting woman has fears and worries about insidious cellulite. Cellulite is known to be not just an aesthetic problem, it is a disease that affects the connective tissue, lymphatic system and skin. The main reason for it is a hormonal imbalance combined with an inappropriate lifestyle and diet. If systematic care is not taken, the problem will deepen and become more permanent in the future. The fight against "orange" skin is difficult, difficult, permanent, eternal. If cellulite can hide under clothes in the winter, in the spring, when everyone wants to feel the breeze in their hair and put on summer shorts, there are big worries about how we look, whether our health is OK, we worry about how we are perceived. beloved, we think about the beach. Many women feel powerless, as if they have fallen into the vicious circle of fatigue, hunger, overweight and discouraging vision in the mirror - CELLULITE! Girls, will you surrender in this battle without fighting ?! It is easiest to give up, but imagine that the solution to cellulite problems is possible in a short time. YOU CAN REALLY CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK !!! Smile and act! Being beautiful is not a matter of fact, it is a decision inspired and supported by certain measures.


We can fight TOGETHER. We will do the best we can to make everyone who is subject to the right procedures, look and feel elegant - the way they should be.

We want to share our point of view with those of you who think that the anti-cellulite massages are PAINFUL, followed by bruises and unpleasant perceptions. Our approach EXCLUDES any type violent or traumatic techniques. Anti-cellulite is not equivalent to TORTURE!

We have developed OUR PROGRAM that includes a special HOLISTIC APPROACH. When you come to us, our therapists will gather information about your way of life, how you work, to what extent your work is stressful, what you eat and whether you are prone to changes in your stereotypes. Based on this information, we will be able to professionally design the most suitable complex for you and it will be tailor-made for your personal and individual characteristics. You can be sure our therapists will do their job, but you will also have to seriously start changing some bad habits, such as not being active enough. If we do not INCLUDE SOMETHING NEW AND GET ROD OF SOMETHING OLD, the change in the way how we look is not going to be possible or if it is possible, it will not have satisfactory and long-lasting results! "Beautiful women never seem to age" is our favorite wisdom coming from Japan! It's true. We also think that it is possible for every woman to look nice and attractive, but this is rarely a natural thing. We need to work hard to achieve this.

There are 3 main steps to follow so that we can achieve good results together: 1. applying the proper massage therapy. 2. Being on the right diet. 3. being active. The most popular, fast and effective method of fighting cellulite is the manual anti-cellulite massage (hand-made, not with technical appliances). Due to many personal beliefs and experiences, we in CHAKRA use various manual techniques that do not follow current trends in the use of appliances and various devices. We are convinced that this way we achieve a faster, more sustainable and natural effect.

The advantages of our procedures are: better blood supply to the tissues; natural energy exchange; better heating and preparation of the cells themselves for the release of toxins, fats and water retained in them; Deep professional impact - quite often, depending on the degree of formation of "mutated cells" in the skin, the use of techniques such as suction cups and lymphatic drainage, is a much better choice than modern complex devices, so popular in recent decades.

How many procedures do you need?

After the first visit, we will determine the degree of cellulite formation and the number of procedures that will have the needed effect. If the customer is younger, with good metabolism, weighs 50-60 kg, we recommend between 8 and 12 massages to achieve a good and lasting effect. And girls, don’t forget: "A women's resolve pierces stone."

Our anti-cellulite massages are being implemented over the whole body, not just the problem areas, thus engaging it with the process of cleansing, releasing and detoxifying the accumulated excess substances. Thus the effect is complete and long-lasting.

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  1. Lucy
    21 hours ago

    Hello, what are the prices of anti-cellulite massage packages? How many days is it good to do the procedures? Thanks in advance.

    1. admin Автор
      16 hours ago

      Hello! Here you can see many of the massages, whose prices are currently very good.
      The packages of anti-cellulite procedures now have summer prices: 4 procedures - BGN 272, 8 percent - BGN 304, 10 percent - BGN 380, 12 percent - BGN 444.


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