The specific guaranteed success of this program is due to the transition from hot to cold in combination with professional massage techniques.

"Over the years, I have put a lot of work into my various approaches to combating unwanted cellulite in women. I tried different techniques and followed the results for different skin types and cellulite. I tested different methods of massage techniques and used different cosmetic products. Finally, with my experience and professional knowledge, I combined my skills with the most appropriate and effective cosmetic products to combat cellulite - Dr.BABOR / Number 1 in Germany / and I am extremely pleased with the results and the patients who underwent anti-cellulite procedures "… . therapist Rosen Mikhailov.

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  1. Peeling.

Procedure with which we prepare cellulite areas. In this way we remove the superficial dead cells and stimulate the circulation in the skin at the level of the dermis and hypodermis.

  1. Refreshment.

We achieve the desired result by applying a special tonic to the problem areas. We refresh and soothe the skin and leave it delicately scented.

  1. Warming up.

Apply a generous warming special lotion to stimulate circulation. In this way we increase the metabolism. We treat the skin fold with special techniques.

  1. Cooling.

We are finishing the final procedure. We apply massage movements for lymphatic drainage using a special cooling lotion. We differentiate fat cells well and thus release excess fat and water. We tighten the skin with the cooling effect.

Time: 60 min. 

Price: BGN 60

Специална цена валидна до 31.12.2021 – 50 лв. 

Терапевт : Rosen Mihaylov 

What are the results achieved with BABOR products.

✅ Intensively shape and attack the affected areas and reduce the appearance of cellulite formations.

✅They have a sustainable effect.

✅Tighten and smooth the skin.

✅Strong and at the same time delicate procedures include heating and cooling stages, which guarantees strength, elasticity and smooth skin.

✅Thanks to the German innovative methods of the innovative three-dimensional active 3D complex of hexapeptide-39, caffeine and forskolin, these two wonderful anti-cellulite products in the DOCTOR BABOR BODY CELLULAR series have a deep and multi-layered effect. Hexapeptide-39 inhibits cell maturation of fat and together with caffeine prevents fat accumulation in skin tissue. On the other hand, caffeine multiplies the breakdown of fats. As a result, free fatty acids are expelled from the body thanks to forskolin. This active ingredient helps to dilate the lymph vessels, so cellulite no longer has a chance.

Advice from the therapist

There are several basic and important approaches to have a quick, lasting and visible effect in the fight against cellulite:

✅Find your qualified and professional therapist and trust him, following his recommendations. Do not follow any information, especially in the media. Remember that there is a lot of information, BUT also misinformation.

✅ Strictly follow the individual program with the number of procedures. Visit them regularly on the specified days and hours.

✅Proper diet. Do not consume harmful foods and increase water intake during the anti-cellulite program.

✅Movements and sports. Be active during the procedures. This will speed up your achievements. Ask your therapist.

✅Cosmetic products. Use your quality cosmetics regularly and correctly after consulting your therapist.

✅Do not try to treat cellulite-affected areas at home in order to achieve positive results faster without consulting in advance. You may be injured.

The answer is definitely YES. The program we have developed includes a special HOLISTIC and INDIVIDUAL APPROACH. When you come to us, our therapists will get acquainted with your lifestyle, work schedule, how stressful it is, how you eat and whether you are prone to changes in your stereotypes. On this basis, they will be able to professionally prepare the most appropriate complex, which may include advice on diet, additional movements or sports, nutritional supplements, change of some harmful habits, use of accompanying cosmetic products at home, etc. The approach is tailored to your personal characteristics. Surely the therapist will do his job professionally, but you will also have to take seriously the change of some harmful habits and the results will be visible. If we do not include SOMETHING NEW and DO NOT DISPOSE SOMETHING OLD, CHANGE IN THE WAY WE LOOK IS NOT POSSIBLE OR IF IT IS POSSIBLE, THERE WILL BE NO ENVIRONMENT! "Beautiful women have no age" is our favorite wisdom, which came from Japan! It's true. We also think that it is possible for every woman to look nice and attractive, but this is rarely a natural fact. This needs to be worked on.

Chakra is a holistic center for health and beauty, but also for trust. In this way, our customers who are satisfied with our services share their opinion about us. The advantages of our procedures are: better blood supply to the tissues; natural energy exchange; better heating and cooling, which prepare the cells themselves to release the retained fat, water and toxins; Deep professional impact - quite often, depending on the degree of formation of "mutated cells" in the skin, the use of techniques such as suction cups and lymphatic drainage, is a much better choice than modern complex devices, so popular in recent decades.

After the first visit, we will determine the degree of cellulite formation and the number of procedures that will have the needed effect. If the customer is younger, with good metabolism, weighs 50-60 kg, we recommend between 8 and 12 massages to achieve a good and lasting effect. And girls, don’t forget: "A women's resolve pierces stone."

The most well-known, fast and effective method for fighting cellulite is the manual anti-cellulite massage (ie the one that is done with the hands and not with appliances). Due to many personal beliefs and experience, we at CHAKRA use different manual techniques, which does not follow modern trends in the use of appliances and various devices. We are convinced that in this way we achieve a faster, more sustainable and natural effect.

Our anti-cellulite massages cover all affected areas throughout the body, not just some problem areas, thus engaging the whole body in the process of cleansing, releasing and detoxifying accumulated excess substances. In this way the effect is complete and long-lasting.

We want to share our point of view with those of you who think that the anti-cellulite massages are PAINFUL, followed by bruises and unpleasant perceptions. Our approach EXCLUDES any type violent or traumatic techniques. Anti-cellulite is not equivalent to TORTURE!

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