Yumeiho or "Divine Massage"

"The doctor heals, but nature heals." (Hippocrates)


Yumeiho is a Japanese prophylactic - healing art that restores, harmonizes and increases the vital forces of the body, returning it to its natural healthy appearance. The creator - Master Prof. Masayuki Sayonji, used ancient methods, fully consistent with the influence of nature on man, by monks from Shaolin, as well as monks from Tibet, the teachings of Ayurveda and martial arts and many other authentic approaches.

Called "divine massage" in the beginning, yumeiho is a complete healing therapy of the human body with Japanese precision. It is based on and focuses on the importance of the center of gravity of the body - the lumbar region and the symmetry of the pelvic bones. Dislocation of the sacroiliac and hip joints in 95% of people is the cause of dislocation of the vertebrae of the spine. This leads to fundamental changes in the human body. Fast and proven effective therapy that can be used to slow down and prevent over 190 diseases.

The Yumeiho manual technique has a wide and comprehensive effect and is suitable for all age groups and extremely helps children and adolescents to grow properly. Also extremely suitable for people who work in a sitting position and are prone to spinal deformities or lead a stagnant lifestyle with insufficient activity.

It works very well in the following conditions: discopathy, disc herniation, thorns, spinal and pelvic deformities, bone and joint symmetry, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, plexitis, radiculitis, low back pain, sciatica, headache, migraine, insomnia, sexual weakness and infertility. and fear neurosis, panic attacks, muscle imbalance, emotional imbalance, increased immunity, weight loss, very good restorative effect after pregnancy and in general, mental adaptation in young children and adolescents, calms the nervous system, etc.

We offer procedures with different duration, depending on the condition and needs of the client. Each procedure begins with a test for the symmetry of the musculoskeletal system to assess the condition. For the therapy it is necessary to wear light cotton clothes (T-shirt, leggings or sports pants, socks), because of the typical manual techniques that are used.

therapist: Rosen Mikhailov

What is Yumeiho?

See what our proven specialist Rosen Mihailov shared!

Цена 50 мин. – 75 лв.

Специална промоционална цена – 65 лв. 

Цена – 70мин. – 95 лв. 

Специална промоционална цена – 75 лв. 




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  1. Galin Nenov
    8 hours ago

    Incredible professional. He walked all over my body writing a symphony on all my joints. And my joints shone after the last chord and I was ready to fly. I was going to go again as soon as possible :)

  2. Христо Бочев
    8 hours ago

    Не мога да опиша с думи невероятния масаж и професионалист Росен . Изживяването беше невероятно , все едно летя в облаците. Вече ден след терапията се чувствам невероятно. Росен е прекрасен човек , предрасполага човек тялом и духом да се наслади на терапията. Двете ми дискови херний , все едно отлетяха . С удоволствие ще се подложа на още такива Божествени процедури.


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