Holistic approaches, programs and methods.

What are our holistic approaches?

As therapists in Chakra and with an Eastern view and understanding, we are convinced that the causes that lead to certain conditions, pain, anxiety, psychosomatic conditions, diseases, etc. , are usually many and depend on: lifestyle, work, diet, physical activity and exercise, useful and harmful habits, zodiac sign, childhood, inheritance, upbringing, spiritual level and much more. We believe that each person is extremely individual and is like a separate "universe". We often notice how clients complain about the way of treatment in conventional medicine and worsened conditions as a result.

When a patient comes to us, we fill out an individual questionnaire, reading it very carefully about his condition and the reasons that led to it, so that we can subsequently use traditional Eastern methods and our medical knowledge for a comprehensive and effective approach. We boldly want to emphasize that our effective methodologies are not about pain, violence, rudeness or dependent on paid "pathways". We use natural and ancient knowledge about the products that accompany the program and are natural. We define an individual and customer-specific recovery approach, which may include:

  • The most correct therapy or massage for him, such as Ayurveda yoga massage, Yumeiho, detox with honey and ghee, sound therapy with Tibetan bowls, relaxing massage, beauty and cosmetic procedures and more.
  • We also include according to the understandings and wishes of the client and the most correct for his beautification and cosmetic procedures, both on the face and body.
  • Ayurvedic herbal teas or elixirs that are also tailored to your needs.
  • Nutritional supplements such as: magnesium, collagen, green tea extracts and other herbs
  • We advise on a diet if necessary, taking into account its type or condition. We pay attention to the amount of water, salt and sugars or carbohydrates, which greatly affect the body and its functions.
  • We give very important guidelines for everyday life, which greatly affect the musculoskeletal system and bone and joint problems such as: sleeping position, firmness of the mattress, pillows, even the heel height of the shoe, as well as for children or adolescents.
  • We definitely pay attention to physical movements and loads and advise according to the needs for a particular sport, yoga or even meditation practices and exercises at home.
  • We create and advise on the right habits for maintaining beautiful skin and face. Once we have properly analyzed the skin type and its needs, we recommend the right cosmetics and procedure for this purpose.

Convinced of the right and positive results, we created our "Holistic methods and programs".
We have extremely good experience with people who are aware that we care professionally for their health and beauty, but their health and beauty depends on the daily or regular care and on themselves and their personal activity and desire. We do not believe that the attitude towards people should be individual and that they should be treated as an organism with separate systems or with chemicals. Chakra is a holistic center for people who tolerate nature and its forces and are connoisseurs of authentic methods of body, spirit, soul. We are very happy when we see how our clients are inspired, changed and literally wake up to a new life.

Here are our main and most sought after holistic directions:

Recovery after COVID 19. The most commonly used procedures are: massage - lymphatic drainage, dettox with honey and ghee, Ayurvedic yoga massage, Ayurvedic teas and supplements such as Samata. Our goal with this method is to cleanse the body of residual antibiotics in it, as well as to raise immunity.

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Stress and tension - Most often we approach with: Ayurvedic yoga massage, Tibetan cups, relaxing massage or relaxation from head to toewhich also includes a facial cosmetic procedure. Depending on the condition, our therapists also use traditional Chinese medicine by working with energy points on the feet, palms, ears, head and body, Ayurvedic herbal teas to soothe and more.

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Pregnancy and postpartum recovery. - Our clients are extremely satisfied, who trusted us and listened to our advice during pregnancy and recovered after giving birth with our help. The most commonly used during these periods are: Massage for pregnant women, which is applied after the fourth month from pregnancy to birth and then best and correctly restores the body with manual yumeiho therapy , which restores the spine and pelvis, as well as the whole body. And for peace of mind we apply and sound therapy with Tibetan and crystal bowls.

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Beauty and health. - Frequently used procedures with us are: Cosmetic manuals or hardware procedures, Dr.Babor home care cosmetics, Ayurvedic teas and elixirs.

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Achieve top shape with weight loss and elimination of cellulite. - The most commonly used are: Anti-cellulite massage 4 steps Babor, anti-cellulite massage with Babor bandages, Cavitation + vacuum + lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite products for home use of Dr.Babor, Detox with honey and ghee, natural food supplements Norvia, nutrition, etc.

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Back and joint pain or injuries. - They are most often used yumeiho, ayurveda yoga massage. Here the conditions are very different and our therapist fully uses his Eastern skills and techniques such as working with energy points on the body, stretching Iyengar yoga, suction cups, moxa, Euricotherapy or working with energy points on the ears, Ayurveda, homework tips, Ayurvedic teas. and elixirs, food supplements such as collagen, magnesium and others.

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Come and you - we invite you to cross the threshold and immerse yourself in the magic called the center of health and beauty Chakra!

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