Relax from head to toe

We offer you an extremely relaxing and effective procedure literally from head to toe. The classic or so-called “Swedish massage” is best combined with a final short cosmetic procedure of a face with a mask according to the skin type.

Swedish massage, like many other types of massage, is one of the ways people relieve stress in their lives.
However, while stress is one of the causes of tension that can be relieved through a Swedish massage, there are other causes of tension that need to be addressed.

Some people have physically difficult work that can cause muscle tension. Even you are not stressed due to work, use, pressure and muscle strain can cause tension, which can have negative effects on your health. Swedish massage reduces muscle tension, which provides you with complete physical relaxation, which in turn can lead to mental and emotional relaxation.

The movements used in Swedish massage are light, slow and smooth. Therefore, Swedish massage can promote healthy blood circulation, increase blood flow and help the body eliminate metabolic waste faster and more efficiently. Better circulation not only helps you feel better, but improves overall health, as increased circulation and blood flow means that other organs can work more efficiently.

In many cases, Swedish massage is part of a holistic approach to the patient's health, which helps to pay attention to every aspect of the patient's health - mind, body and spirit - in order to strengthen health.
Because massage and massage therapy have physical, mental and emotional benefits, Swedish massage is an effective treatment in addition to traditional Western medicine.

This massage is a nice and effective combination between massage and cosmetic procedure and has a relaxing and at the same time full effect on the whole body and the skin on the face.


Therapist - Rosen Mikhailov

Duration - 60 min.

Цена – 70 лв.

Специална промоционална цена – 55 лв. 




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