Opinions of customers

Great people with exceptional professionalism and a special approach to each person! I am very grateful to Tashi and Rosen for the way I feel every time I leave!
Andrea Andreeva
Extremely kind, kind and professional attitude. Great result and feeling after oxygen and cryotherapy. I highly recommend!
Teodora Zerdeva
Thanks for the warm, kind and caring welcome from Rosen and Tashi! Chakra is a friendly and cozy place to hide in the busy everyday life. The first time I went to the center without specific expectations, I was impressed and highly recommend Yumeiho massage. Thanks to Rosen for helping me move normally with a few procedures, as I had a foot problem. In the future, I plan to take advantage of the other procedures and massages offered by Chakra. I almost forget the Tibetan meditation cups that they carry to another world and one feels rested and energized. I highly recommend anyone who has not visited the Chakra to do so - you will not be disappointed. Thank you and I wish you many more successes from the bottom of my heart!
Simone Stoimenov
I am very pleased with the center and the therapist of Yumeiho therapy Rosen. A great professional and a person with magical hands and heart. I thank him and wish him to be healthy and still such a professional. Bright and blessed future.
Ivanka Gateva
A wonderful place to relax and regain vitality. The individual approach in combination with friendly conversations ensure that everyone will find the right procedures for themselves, and professional performance leads to instant results. I highly recommend Yumeiho massage and Ayurveda yoga massage, because I already know from experience that they work. I was extremely pleased with all the cosmetic facial procedures.
Maria Mihailova
Chakra offers a holistic holistic method for soul and body health. I went there without much expectation, and received a complete therapy - a set of healing and adjusting Yumeiho massages, ending with a soothing Ayurvedic yoga therapy, combined with natural supplements. Master therapist Rosen masters the secrets of Eastern massage art. For the first time I see such unity between spirit and body. This person even uses his breathing to heal. I am very grateful to him for greatly reducing my low back pain! Secondly, I want to mention the beautician Tashi, who during the hydration therapy unmistakably discovered a skin problem, which I am now successfully treating. Thanks to the rest of the team - you are all very kind. See you soon 🙂
Yana Kamenova
I turned to Chakra on the recommendation of my friend. I was looking for a place where Eastern spiritual and energy therapies are offered by specialists who have drawn their knowledge from the source and have acquired their qualification through many years of practice. Until then, my experience in this direction was disappointing - I came across various therapists in spas and massage studios, claiming solid competence and skills, which later turned out to have only basic, basic knowledge or no such at all. So, my search ended when I crossed the threshold of Chakra. There I gained a whole new sense of the world around and inside me. The hectic daily life, the workload, the exhaustion, accompanied by the constant pressure from the appearance of various problems… All this led me to a loss of balance, depression, tension in communicating with my loved ones, and finally affected my health. In other words, an inferior life. Until the day things turned upside down. This process began with my first "trial" visit and Ayurvedic yoga massage. In the following days, the long-forgotten feeling of peace of mind and peace followed me inseparably, I had an inexhaustible surge of energy and vitality. Conflict situations and the nervousness of others did not affect my inner nirvana in any way. It was as if I was shrouded in an invisible energy shield that repelled any negative and toxic external influence. I enjoyed life with all my senses. Of course, I wanted this temporary change to become a constant. For this purpose, I was prepared an individual holistic program, fully tailored to my needs, which combined several therapies: Ayurvedic yoga massage, Yumeiho, sound therapy with Tibetan bowls, taking natural Ayurvedic supplements. Thanks to the exceptional professionalism and competence of the therapist Rosen, the goal was achieved - now I live fully, in harmony with the world around me, in full physical and mental health. In Chakra, I "healed" my soul, and hence my body. The negative in all its manifestations is no longer a factor in my life. I shared the reasons that took me to Chakra. But there I unexpectedly made another great discovery. I have problem facial skin and wide pores, which over time has led to the formation of permanent scars and blemishes. Along with layered dehydration and lack of nutrition with the right products, her condition had reached a critical level. After the intervention of Tashi (absolute expert in the field of cosmetics, who is not a slave to the commercial) and several combined procedures, my face was transformed - it literally cleared of scars and spots, my pores shrunk, dry, peeling areas, my skin disappeared it shone. The difference between "before" and "now" was so obvious that colleagues and friends repeatedly asked me what I had done with my face that it was so bright, all day long, even at the end of the work week. The result was truly amazing. And the best part is that all cosmetic procedures are based on all-natural products, the action of which I am delighted with. They have long been the only products I use in my home facial care. I trusted Chakra and they justified my trust in an amazing way. Deep gratitude and great gratitude for your invaluable help!
Evgeniya Nikolova
I am very happy with the center. An exceptional place! I regularly attend Yoga classes for pregnant women and I am fascinated by the effect of the class! Highly recommend for all future moms! You will also achieve complete relaxation with the massage for pregnant women they offer! You don't feel like an hour goes by, and then you feel relaxed all day! 🙂 (Translated by Google) I am very happy with the center. An exceptional place! I regularly attend Yoga classes for pregnant women and I am fascinated by the effect of the class! Highly recommend for all future moms! You will also achieve complete relaxation with the massage for pregnant women they offer! You don't feel like an hour goes by, and then you feel relaxed all day! 🙂
Mirela Dimitrova
Chakra is one of the few places you enter and automatically forget about the outside world! The specialists there offer not just services, but services tailored to the individual needs of each person. Explanations of exactly what and why is done, tips, interesting facts, a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, accompanied by friendly conversations, recharging with positive energy and reflections on how much more we can give to our body and soul - these things you will surely get in Chakra !!
iviana dimitrova
One of the best places in town. Unique professionals with an individual approach to each client. Great atmosphere! I was on a Pure cleansing procedure and I am very happy with Tashi, as a professional.
milena baleva

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