Massage for pregnant women

The diligence and anxiety of every future is understandable mother for her efforts to the most important moments in life and such as: pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and recovery. It is no secret, however, that there is a lot of information on the Internet, but also misinformation. Here we will pay special attention to the massage for pregnant women and its impact as our professionals. We would like to give you as holistic and eastern therapists real, factual and correct advice to make you and your future child feel good. We will answer the most important questions and debunk some myths about "how things are and what is right and what is wrong." The opinions we share are in line with ours professional experience and real observations from practice on the conditions of our pregnant clients, for whom we have taken care throughout the pregnancy and with our help have restored their physical condition after birth quickly and healthy.

During pregnancy and after childbirth, the female body goes through many trials that are equally stressful for the physique and psyche, as well as the spirit. The mother's body quickly adapts to the growing child in her and as a result it undergoes many physiological changes. As a result of the lack of recovery or improper action, lifelong trauma is likely to occur for both the mother and the child. Massage for pregnant women is not just a "pleasure", it is a health necessity and is extremely important.

Frequently asked questions and concerns:

- Advice from relatives: "Never massage"Don't let anyone touch you, because it's harmful and dangerous." This is a myth or rather folk psychology and is devoid of knowledge and logic. On the contrary - the best method to restore the body from fatigue and heaviness, muscle pain and especially the pelvis, pain in the spine and calming the nervous system, harmonizing all other systems in the body of both the expectant mother and the child dependent on her health is massage. Our observations on pregnant women who have taken care of themselves through massages are more than obvious. Those who do it regularly procedures, when they were difficult to move and with weakened muscles, they were calmer, more confident, apparently without swelling in the legs, without pelvic pain and tension in the back, their sleep was calm and the birth was naturally much easier and painless. The pain they were absent in the feet as well as on the whole legs due to the weight of the fetus and the curvature of the lines in the pelvis and hip joints and especially in the areas of the gluteal muscles.
Recovery for the mother after birth and especially in the area of the spine and the lumbar region (waist) and pelvis are extremely important for her health. During birth the ligaments of the pelvic bones are softened and the pelvis is relaxed so that the "birth canal" can reach a size of 17-19 cm, as a result of which the pelvis is restored by the 40th day after birth. Fact: 95% of women suffer from low back pain, protrusions, disc herniations, etc. , are due to improper recovery during pregnancy and especially the postpartum period.

- When is the most correct and appropriate and inappropriate time for a massage? - It is recommended not to do until the third month massages due to increased blood circulation in the small pelvis. If the pregnant woman has problems with fetal retention, massage is also not recommended. After the third month, in a normal pregnancy, when the fetus is already well attached to the uterus, massages are recommended and they are very important for health of the mother and child.

- Is massage dangerous for pregnant women for the fetus and the pregnant woman? - The massage for pregnant women is not only not dangerous, but is the most useful therapy for pregnant women and maintaining its well-being physically and mental state. In the case of our qualified therapist fits individually and carefully considering the patient's condition.

Fact: The therapist who massages a pregnant woman does not massages feet, palms or generally, the areas with energy points (according to Eastern medicine), because the stimulation of any of them can cause discomfort to mother and child. The position of the body during the massage is fully consistent with the condition of the pregnant woman. It is either in a sitting position or lying on its side and sealed with pillows between the legs or under the arms for more comfort. Massage movements are smooth and with light - regular pressure.

Tips from our therapist:

-If you want to be healthy and calm during pregnancy and after birth and to recover properly, consult with specialist. Call us and we will help you with the right ones advices.

-Move normally throughout pregnancy. Get massages because they are the most correct recovery procedures. Do regular gymnastics or yoga for pregnant women. Try to eat moderately.

-Next birth try not to carry your child in a kangaroo or other device on the back or front. This can permanently damage your spine. It is best to push or pull it in special carts.

Results of massage during pregnancy and postpartum therapies for recovery:

During pregnancy:

You calm down nervous system. During the massage you release endorphins from the brain and you will feel rested and happy. Remember that as you feel, so does you the child inside you. You stimulate the lymphatic system and thus cleanse your body of toxins. You reduce swelling on the legs and body. You relax tense areas and muscles that you cannot actively use due to immobilization. You have a wonderful effect on the entire circulatory system, thus supporting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. The skin becomes elastic, soft and smooth. Are used natural oilswhich nourish the skin and protect it from stretch marks. Feel free to consult our therapist for additional natural creams to improve elasticity and avoid stretch marks. This will prepare the skin for easier recovery after birth. You normalize the function of the endocrine glands, which leads to hormonal balance.

After birth:

The most important moment for the mother's health is recovery and after birth from a physical and aesthetic point of view.
Extremely suitable therapy for the restoration of the pelvis, spine and strained joints during pregnancy is the manual Japanese therapy - ЮМЕЙХО, which we know well and is also offered by us in the center of Chakra.
Also available cosmetic treatments for the body to lose weight and tighten sagging skin in the abdomen and thighs, which use high quality natural cosmetics and the results are fast and visible.

Trust Chakra and our therapist, who has extremely good experience and is a specialist. Welcome.

Duration - 60 min.

Цена – 70 лв.

Специална промоционална цена – 65 лв. 

Therapist - Rosen Mihaylov 


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