How to reduce stress? How to enjoy life?

We all want to be happy. But how to achieve it? And is it even possible?
We all have a long list of things we believe we need to be real happy. Society-imposed conditions for happiness and prosperity such as success, wealth, fame, strength, good looks, an ideal marriage, and when we add to our list of happy lives, happiness begins to seem increasingly unattainable. Psychologists dealing with this topic, prove that all the above-listed priorities leading to complete happiness are nothing more than a fleeting feeling.

MYTH: Money will make us happy.

FACT: Several independent studies have shown that in the winners in the lottery, the level of happiness is higher than usual for a month after winning the "big money", then they are again as happy as they were before.

MYTH: We have to have a relationship to be happy. 

FACT: We - not our partner - are responsible for our own happiness. People who are not in a relationship but maintain meaningful friendships and aspirations are happier than people in inappropriate romances relationships.

MYTH: Happiness decreases with age. 

 FACT: In general, adults are happier with their lives, less sensitive to stress, and more emotionally stable. Even with the losses that come with age, this is the happiest time of life for many people.
Advice from an occupational therapist Natasha Petrova:
* Teach your brain to be more positive.
Our brain is a "ball of wires" that are connected to each other and remember things that are not positive. Although we cannot change our nature, we can train our brain to remember the positive ones Of course, you don't have to ignore reality or pretend that things are great when they aren't. The most important thing to realize is to live focused on the negative things. nourishes unhappiness.
* Express your gratitude.
 When we are grateful for every good thing in your life and even for every lesson he gives us, it would definitely increase our level of happiness.
* Live NOW and enjoy the present moment.
Only then will you feel truly happy, calm downbut also focused on the good things that are happening around you.
What can we change in ourselves?
-To help others
-To be kinder and kinder
-To do what we love and in which we want to develop
Remember - your happiness is most important!

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