Sound therapy with Tibetan and crystal bowls

Sound therapy with Tibetan and crystal bowls

We know that since ancient times man has been treated with natural methods and that the natural elements have a very strong effect on him, because man is part of nature and she is his second and eternal mother. The vibration, as part of the sound, and it as part of the Music, is perhaps the strongest effect. Music has no language, no ethnicity, no culture, no soul or age. It is universal, both primary and eternal. When a person first hears the sound of a Tibetan or crystal bowl, he remains overwhelmed and immediately connects with his soul, thought and existence in a magical way.

What beliefs and beliefs are there about sound - vibration or music. For example, in India: "When Lord Shiva looked at the created world, which looked like a picture, and closed his eyes, the first thing he did after opening them was to open his hands, and from the depths of his soul came the harmonious sound of creation - Ommmmmmmmmmm . The picture of the world was already moving. Since then, there has been an eternal vibration, an eternal natural music. ”You can easily feel this vibration today - the sound of a Tibetan bowl.

Music has an extremely positive and strong, as well as healing effect on humans. Few things in this world can immediately evoke such strong emotions or feelings as music. A small part of a work can ignite passions in a person and fill another with blissful peace. Psychologists call this the ability to encode, which literally means the ability to introduce a new program, a feeling in cellular memory through music.

There are sounds, rhythms and tones with a higher frequency of sound, which have a direct positive impact on the physical and subtle bodies of man. It has been proven that when people start listening to harmonious sounds with high vibrations, such as Tibetan and crystal bowls and the sounds of nature, we clear ourselves, fill ourselves with energy and become calmer. With its rapid impact, the cups relieve stress, mental disorders, nervousness and negative energy.

The sound of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls has a similar immediate positive effect on the physical body and changes the energy in the interior and exterior. Buy are a kind of energy generators in the ultrasonic range, which destroy the pathogenic environment, destroy numerous viruses, microbes, causes of various diseases.

Their sound vibrations change the quality of energy in the body, stimulate the movement of energy and favorably change the direction of energy flows. In this way, sound affects people and makes changes in the constant vibration of the molecules of the human body, harmonizes and heals.

Anyone who has tried such "music" therapy will immediately understand and feel bliss, harmony and balance within themselves. He will smile and love the cups.

Work in groups or individually. Sessions with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls are held by appointment.

Therapist: Rosen Mikhailov

On 0897777012 you can book an appointment and get more information about the prices of the sessions for one and two people. 


Цена (индивидуална сесия – 55 мин.) – 65 лв.

Специална промоционална цена – 60 лв. 

Цена(сесия за двама – 70мин.) – 75 лв. 

Специална промоционална цена –  70 лв. 




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