Anti-stress and calm - recipes for a century

The main question that interests each person is his health. In their life, everyone has faced problems or illnesses and worried. Quite often there are conditions for which conventional medicine has no answer. Regardless of social status, from the worker or the employer or the average person to the financially successful, everyone is looking for "the golden one“Formula or way - a method to feel good and happy. There are many examples from antiquity with great emperors, Caesars, kings or rulers who were interested in and sought out healers, healers, chakras, herbalists, Ayurvedics, in search of the truth about longevity and health. The truth turns out to be only one - CALMNESS and the balance between body-spirit-soul.

Nowadays, many medics are looking the answers for the causes that trigger a number of diseases and conditions such as "cancer", diabetes, etc. and many others, but unfortunately they do not find out and it will become more and more difficult if people do not stop getting lost in this fast-paced, nervous and tense life. And for these reasons, doctors feel helpless, and people are increasingly turning to the alternative medicine.

We believe and it has been proven that it is stress, the voltage and nervous conditions are the reasons that trigger the development of many diseases affect negative of all systems in the body and especially of the psyche or more precisely the thought, which in turn determines the overall state of the body. An ancient Eastern sage said: "Thought is your state and destiny."

It's no secret that everyone more or less knows that calm or rather, the removal of tension is health, but there are few conscious people who think in depth and are ready and determined to change to achieve it. An interesting question is:… - Do you want to realize or not?

How in the world over time have people come up with ways to help them in this direction?
In the book "Blue Zones", a group of scientists very clearly surveys the centenarians and observes their daily lives and especially how people look for ways to calm down and get rid of stress and the voltage in everyday life. It turns out that the recipe for a CENTURY is "Calmness, movement and close to nature“.

Let's look at the various methods for relieving stress and calming the nerves around the world:

- To the east : Meditations and meaning in life. Ancient methods such as oriental therapies and massages, yoga and martial arts are at the heart of the anti-stress struggle. An example of their perception is the communication in Japan, in which two Japanese people do not discuss topics of a negative nature while talking, because each has its own problems and does not have to deal with the other's problems.

- The Balkans: Folk psychology says that alcohol or the well-known brandy cures and calms everything. Alcohol is often used as a substitute even by psychotherapists or painkillers. Here it seems not so important to be calm, but even vice versa, character is important. Even in some cases, certain people are proud of the so-called "Balkan character", which is a combination of harshness, madness or irritability. A person remembers his health only if he is ill and few know that prevention is the best medicine.

- West: Sports, fitness, dancing or various hobbies. Weed smoking or drug use is as common as the modern state of depression, panic attacks, and more. Medications are common, especially with a chemical composition such as antidepressants etc.

- Spirituality. Many people literally deny it the realistic world and accept even in extremes religion as the answer to all questions.

Now is the time HERE to lend a hand to all who value their health and are looking for a real and right solution to have peace of mind and to serve THE TRUTH in-depth. The fastest, proven and effective method that eliminates stress, regulates all systems and especially the nervous, calms and literally harmonizes a person - THIS is the MASSAGE or THERAPY, which, incidentally, have been known since ancient times, but could only afford the wealthiest or most influential people. Getting a massage or therapy, which is an "elixir for the human body", is not so difficult now. As long as you accept that massages and therapies are not just a pleasure or a spa or just a form of spending money. They are literally an investment in your health.

Suitable massages and therapies for calm, balance and with an impactful anti-stress effect are:

Relaxing massage, massage - Relax from head to toe, and Ayurveda- yoga massage 


Tips from Chakra Therapists:

⦁ Do massages or therapies more often. They have different directions and are methodologies that have a healthy and overall effect on your body and mind.
⦁ Avoid communication with negative people and do not let them overwhelm you with their problems.
⦁ Try to be positive. This is the meaning of life.
⦁ Take time for yourself. The day is 24 hours. Set aside 1 hour for yourself and take care of yourself. Realize this 1 hour that you really deserve it and it is important to you. It can be a massage, a walk, sports, listening to music or relaxing.

Think about yourself and when you do let it be in depth. Answer your questions:

⦁ - Do I deserve to be happy and can I be without being healthy?
⦁ - How would I like to look in 10-20-30 years?
We will be happy to see you.

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