Concerned about our clients, patients and friends, we - Chakra Center take important steps for all of you and your health, tranquility and comfort, given the difficult financial situation over the past year in a pandemic situation. We significantly reduce the prices of our therapeutic, massage and cosmetic services so that we can lend you a "hand" in a difficult situation and thus take care of yourself and invest properly in your health.

Why now?

  • Now the most important thing is to be healthy and to have high immunity so that we do not get sick and the Covid 19 virus is everywhere. Take a look at our: Yumeiho, Ayurveda- yoga massage, lymphatic drainage, detox with honey and ghee.

  • Because now stress and tension are extremely common, and they are most quickly removed with massages and therapies. Take a look at our: Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Relax from head to toe, Relaxing massage . Remember that stress is the main cause of all diseases.

  • Because now is a good time to take care of your beautiful and healthy face, and this will affect your inner peace and confidence. Take a look at our professionals cosmetic treatments with high quality cosmetics and products of Dr. BABOR.

  • Now is the best time to tighten the body, lose weight and eliminate cellulite. Take a look at the unique, fast and effective and different ones developed by our therapists anti-cellulite techniques. These methods are suitable for various conditions, types and even the most difficult to remove cellulite formations and attack hard-to-reach areas of the body.

Now it is most important to take care of your peace and health, because they are the most important. Trust us and welcome. We approach everyone individually and professionally in our calm and protective center and we have complied with all requirements and measures to make you feel calm and healthy. We are expecting you.

With us you get:

Health and Beauty . A place with a high professional level and experienced therapists.

Calmness and zen. Eastern style and very cozy.

Individual and holistic approach. Here you will find the answers and solutions for your health with alternative methods, as well as natural products.

Parking space. Right in front of the entrance of Chakra there is a paid office parking space, which creates convenience for our customers.


Be beautiful, irresistible

and confident!


Intense Anti-Cellulite Wrap

massage in Chakra


Opinions of our dear clients about Holistic Center "Chakra"

Lilia Maravilla

"I started a new journey! I met a man who would show me the way to a "healthy mind in a healthy body." Whether the path is from outside to inside or vice versa, everyone chooses for himself! I choose to follow Rosen Mihailov's instructions at the Chakra Holistic Center.


Silvia Petkova

"Such a fulfilling feeling! So much harmony and pure energy! Shine inside me! Enlighten me! My body is like new! Thank you Rosenne for everything! thank you CHAKRA that you remind me how important self-care is! "


Dorothea Dralcheva

"Very cozy and clean place! Warm, friendly atmosphere filled with fragrant aromas of essential oils. The therapists are wonderful-smiling and ready to convey their positive energy! Thanks !"


Simeonov's wife

Chakra Center is one of the most cozy places for yoga and massages in Sofia! The main goal of each team is to create a relaxing and recharging experience for each client! ❤ “



Кое е най-важното желание за човек, който иска да подари нещо и наистина да усмихне другия, така че да остане приятен спомен?

Отговорът е правилният избор на подарък.

Ето го модерният, актуален и стилен начин да изненадаш някого, да изразиш правилно себе си и особено, когато става въпрос за блаженство, преживяване и обгрижване, като: масаж, терапия или козметична процедура в бутиков център изпълнен с аромат на масла и витаещ дъх на дзен – спокойствие.

Подари на свой близък едно уникално преживяване в холистичен център Чакра. За повече информация за нашите подаръчни ваучери кликнете на бутона по-долу или ни позвънете на +359897777012

  • 2nd chakra - Swadhisthana has an orange color. It is the chakra of pleasure, change, feminine power, sexuality, the creation and birth of children. Responsible for calmness, creative ideas, the ability to fulfill our desires, flexibility in life. It is no coincidence that water, with its fluidity, is the guiding element in this center. Here are anchored all the emotions that we store from birth. Guilt and envy destroy the Sacred Chakra.

  • 3rd chakra - Manipura is the "shining gem" among the string of wheels of light in the human chakra system. It glows yellow and is the center of strength, will and self-proof, that one point, in which transformation, metabolism, digestion work, both literally and in terms of life situations. The guiding element here is fire. All disorders of the digestive organs and endocrine glands in the abdominal area are managed by Manipura. Anger is a powerful destroyer, and joy and a sense of humor heal it.

  • 4 chakras - Anahata is our pursuit of beauty, harmony and compassion. It is the bridge between the earthly and spiritual energy points. It is responsible for love, mercy, kindness in man and is a kind of apogee of humanity. It is guided by the element air. Respiration, immunity, and heart are dependent on this chakra. Sadness, jealousy, ingratitude destroy this beautiful emerald green center of light.

  • 5 chakras - Vishudhi is the center of Truth. It is guided by the vibration of sound and is responsible for our communication with the outside world. This center is very important because it determines the condition of the thyroid gland and if it is balanced, a person has good creative skills and manages to communicate well with others. This often makes him successful in life. The balanced Vishudhi makes its owner a telepath. The main reason for blocking the beautiful light blue wheel from light in the area of the Adam's apple is the lie.

  • 6 chakras - Ajna is the command center in the chakra system. It is responsible for vision, intuition and clear vision, both literally and figuratively and is not accidentally depicted as a third eye. Everyone has an intuition and can develop it or not allow it to manifest. This center directs the pineal gland and works through the light element. Imagination and visualization help Ajna to balance and shine in a beautiful indigo blue color.

  • 7 chakras - Sahasrara crowns the structure of the chakras in the human system as a crown. Depicted as a lotus with a thousand petals, shining in purple with dazzling white highlights, it is located on top of the head at the top and acts directly on the pituitary gland. The element that governs this center is thought. Problems with the brain and central nervous system are among Sahasrara's imbalances. Lack of faith in God, depression, apathy indicate a disorder in the seventh center, and meditation is a powerful tool for balancing it.  

  • 1st chakra - Muladhara is often called the "root of life". It is governed by the earth element. It shines in ruby red and is responsible for our connection with the earth - our mother, physical health, stability and survival in this life. It takes care of the strength of the bone, musculoskeletal system, the condition of the spine, teeth, legs, colon. The feeling of fear, panic, poverty, squalor is the tax for problems in this energy center.

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  • 4-та чакра ново
  • 5-та чакра ново
  • 6-та чакра ново
  • 6-та чакра ново
  • 1-ва чакра ново

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Be beautiful, irresistible

and confident!



massage in Chakra


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